Make Your Bed...and a Few Others Like It

I trust you've seen Admiral McRaven's speech on "if you want to change the world, make your bed!" If you haven't, here it is.

What are your favorite "small steps" towards winning over chaos? Here are some that I believe belong in the same category (prayer and studying the Word of God are first, but I'll focus on practical things here):

  • A basic workout routine (anything you can do on an ongoing basis to stay in shape - running, walking, lifting weights, stretching - you get the picture).
  • A clean room, apartment, or house - it's amazing what a clean living space does for the mind, soul, and overall well-being.
  • Time well planned and managed. Time is not money; it's much more than any money we can earn. It allows us to participate in this world. We are born at a given time and can only live during the time we're alive. It's the most mysterious dimension of creation, and scientists know nothing about it. We've deciphered DNA, but we know about time as much as cavemen did thousands of years ago. People who waste time don't qualify for any kind of success in life. Recommended reading:
  • Learning - how many books do you read every year?
  • Journaling - after God, your journal should be your next best friend. The Psalms are King David's journal (and yes, I know there are more psalmists than David, just saying).
  • Getting your digital assets organized, functional, and secure. Some of the chaos in our lives hides in our computers and hard drives containing thousands of files. Take the time to inventory your digital assets.
  • Creative activities...Go create something. Write a poem, start a new business, learn how to play a new instrument, learn how to read books in a different language.